Armitstead Lecture Series
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How to Solve a Climate Emergency: the Role of Geography in the 21st Century

An insight into the work of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, one of Scotland’s foremost educational charities. Established in 1884, and with a distinguished history of science and exploration, the RSGS has recently undergone substantial modernisation to help develop its role in educating and informing on current issues of Geography.   



Dundee’s Own - The Caird Hall

From the beginning of the seed of an idea to the build, through the programmes throughout the years to where we are now. The amazing transition of the Caird Hall, the Concert Hall for the people of Dundee.




A Foot in the Orient

During the lecture, Campbell will discuss some of his experiences as a young student in Japan, and will explain why he ended up studying art there for 7 years. He will talk about his study of brush calligraphy with a Master in Kyoto over a 4 year period, and give an insight into the impact its aesthetics and philosophy still has on his work today. 




Not the Dickens - Encouraging Young People to Read for Enjoyment

How Leisure and Culture's Children's Services and Children and Families Service work together to promote contemporary fiction to young people in Dundee.



Discovering Hearaldry - “Exploring the Treasurers of the Arms Associated with Dundee”

This illustrated lecture looks at the role of the Court of the Lord Lyon and the Office of the Lord Lyon.  It examines the historic origins of the Court and Office alongside the unique “Laws of Heraldry” in Scotland.  The legal structure of the nature of heraldry in Scotland and the consequences of that structure are examined in the lecture.  The meaning and interpretation of Arms is explored using the Arms associated with Dundee and its surroundings.  The rich heritage of Dundee Heraldry covers many centuries of Scottish History and is highlighted by the individuals, communities and institutions who have recorded Arms in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.





The Lady Blacksmith - The Work of Ratho Byres Forge

A quick look at female smiths through the ages, Shona’s journey into smithing and an overview of work designed and created at Ratho Byres Forge with a look at a few commissions in greater depth.

Lecture Summaries
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